What is success but our dreams realized?
I am an ideas man. I love to hear ideas. I love to think about ideas. I love to trip over ideas in the park. But most importantly, I love hearing my clients ideas on how they’d like to grow their business.

My coaching services, backed by over 15 years in the business sector working in the UK and abroad, will be the sounding board to all of your ideas. I’ll help you flesh out your ideas so that we can fully realise their potential. When it is time, I’ll help you mark them with the Yes or No so that you won’t be stuck making decisions alone.
Founder of the globally influential Islamic Design House, Harun Rashid takes his passion for small business and 15+ years of being a successful Muslim entrepreneur to the next level with his coaching services.
Enough About Me, I want to Hear about You...

Are You:

Fresh out of college looking to work for yourself, but don’t have the experience to take the leap into a small business ownership? Or, maybe you have longingly sat at your 9­-5 job wondering how you can find the freedom to express your ideas and your personal goals? Then you have found this site to help you take the next step in shaping your business idea into a business plan that fits your schedule and your budget. Learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts of Starting Your Business or sign­up for your free one ­hour consultation today.

Are You:

Has your business become what you have always dread, a 9­-5 job. That's because you are too busy working in the business and not on the business. You need to know how to create your business in a way that frees your time, and it's setup to scale up. Learn more about systemization and automation.

Are You:

A successful business and want to take your company to the next level? You might be on this site because you are worried about how to do this without putting your company at risk. Here’s how we can help you scale up your business.
Proven Results
Don’t believe me, trust the folks I’ve helped get there, both on and off the clock (because sometimes giving advice is the easiest way to help give back to my community, even if it doesn’t fill my pocketbooks with crisp, clean bill folds).
Everything You Need:
Here's how I work:
  • You call me (or skype me or meet me for tea) for a FREE one hour consultation.
  • We Talk (about your business as it stands whether it is in a basement in boxes or waiting to outsource work to a different country)
  • We Plan (your business success, even if that means just mapping it or developing a comprehensive business plan to take to investors)
  • We Implement (I make sure you put that plan in place, even if you wish you could make me disappear some days, but that little voice inside of you knows this is good for you)
  • We Review (Any good coach reviews his plays to see where the team was strong, where it was weak, and how to improve the next go-­around)
Sound Easy? Looks can be deceiving: Your entrepreneurial spirit and my expertise will be hard at work creating the foundation for your business.
Let's Start Growing Your Business Today.
Check out what some of the entrepreneurs I have had the privilege to work with have to say about me.
Badheer Ballam
Business: Founder of Imanimation Studios

I have found Harun Rashid’s coaching and mentoring to be very beneficial. Harun has helped me to develop my business goals and remain focused on achieving them. Whenever I have encountered a new tricky situation in my business, I’ve been able to contact Harun and he has replied swiftly, Alhamdulillah. This advice provides a faster route to success and also peace of mind.  

Being a business person is generally about following your gut instinct, however with a mentor such as Harun you are able to filter and strengthen your instincts based on solid advice. This will enable you to become a better business person and give you the confidence to take greater risks and as such reap greater rewards insha’Allah. As such, I highly recommend Harun’s coaching and mentoring services.
Nusrat Anwar
Business: Founder of Hachacha Sauce Blends

Harun has been our business mentor for over a year now. Just as we were about to give up on our 2nd failed food start up, we were fortunate enough to meet Harun. After our brainstorming meetings with Harun we decided to come up with the products we have today. Harun has always been very professional and patient throughout our new product development giving us guidance on best practices along the way.
Naeem Mahmood
Business: Sketch Agency

 Working for almost 10 years in the graphic design industry has taught me a great deal about working with a wide variety of businesses. Despite all the experience starting a business of my own was daunting. Working with Harun helped me figure out how I could stay passionate about my craft while growing a business.

From helping me focus my service offerings, creating a clear business model and right through to running the business on a day-to-day basis efficiently. Attracting bigger budgets is hard work and it’s always been great getting advice from Harun on how to structure costs and set targets. Harun has also gone out of his way to introduce me to prospective clients through networking events and personal contacts.
Mehedi Islam
Business: The Play Studio

As a small startup we have benefitted immensely with the help of Harun Rashid. He has provided us with strategic level advice, gave us indepth knowledge of how to scale our business and cater for growth. He has also introduced us to potential clients (Olive Tree Study Support and Islamic Design House) as well as to investors through Dragons investor event.

I would recommend Harun Rashid to any new business or startups as he has a lot to contribute through his past experience of being a business owner himself.  
Zareen Ahmed
Business: Gift

To be mentored by Harun is like entering an Alladin's cave piled high with glittering gems of knowledge and experience. His contagious energy and real life stories of the adventures he faced on his journey to achieving his business and financial goals will leave you buzzing for weeks! 

Farzana Rahman
Business: Desi Doll

Harun has proved to be a great Coach and Mentor for my business. He is great at analysing a business and seeing what is going well, and what could be going much better. Harun is very hands on and delivers on his assigned goals. Harun is a very easy going, friendly character and a pleasure to work with.

Harun has a very positive outlook and a passion for helping businesses reach their potential. I would strongly recommend his services .
These businesses I’ve worked have inspired me, let them inspire you.
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